The Four Star System

As a consultant, there are two things I always keep in mind:

The first is Roger Ebert’s Golden Rule, “Don’t judge a work by what it’s about, but how it goes about it.”

The second is my own belief, “The greatest reward for strong writing is strong criticism.”

I have been providing notes for over ten years. I began as a development intern in college. After graduating, I joined a low level film crew where, among other things, I worked to provide notes to our inexperienced clients.

Soon enough, I discovered how rewarding it is to help writers improve their material. While my notes tend to focus on criticisms and potential points of concern with a work, that is only because I feel great writers deserve such feedback.

Development studios are unforgiving places. My notes are designed to provide as many opportunities to identify possible points where readers may pass as possible. At the same time, I work to never suggest changing your material on a fundamental level. I will never tell you what you should do. My goal is to understand your story and suggest how you might better realize that specific narrative.

In an effort to provide notes to as many writers as possible, especially to those who cannot afford the often exorbitant prices seen on other sites, I provide several tiers of service.

This file contains a sample of the THREE STAR NOTES. The final page is a sample of the FOUR STAR NOTE addendum.


THREE STAR NOTES ($100): These notes come in three parts. The first page is a summary, which is there to show you that I’ve read the script closely and how I broke down the major beats. The second page is a general, single-spaced review of the material. Finally, there is at least one single-spaced page that details the script’s biggest strengths, flaws, and development prospects. Often times, this final section can reach four pages, with no additional charge to you.

FOUR STAR NOTES ($300): This includes everything above, but I also provide line-by-line notes that are composed as I read the script. Generally speaking, these notes tend to be 15 pages long. They include typos, format errors, and general opinions that are expanded upon in the standard package. You can see how each scene is being reacted to in “real time.”

In addition to all of the above services, unlimited follow-up questions are provided. Also, if one purchases the THREE STAR NOTES package, they can upgrade to the FOUR STAR NOTES after the fact simply by paying the $200 difference.

Please see each section for samples of each package.

ACCELERATED NOTES (+ 50%, 100%): Is there a contest coming up? An agent just ask for your script? Don’t worry. You can get quick feedback instantly with Accelerated Notes. If you want to guarantee your notes come in within three days, you can pay 50% more to do so. A 24 hour turnaround is available for 100%. Please note that I bill you AFTER I send you your notes, so if I’m late, not only will you not have to pay the surcharge, but you’ll be given a 50% discount! Also be aware that my turnaround is sometimes naturally three days or less. I’m offering this due to high demand.

QUEUED NOTES: Maybe time is not a factor for you. What if what really matters is the best deal? For the long-term planner, I have QUEUED NOTES. Rather than take a guaranteed turnaround, you can enter a public queue. The turnaround time for these notes is longer (usually about one month).

However, you can enjoy a great discount. The prices are:


My goal with this system is to offer my services to those who do not have as much money to spare.

To further compensate clients for a longer turnaround, I increase the transparency for these projects. All writers receive a NOTE CODE to follow their placement in the discounted queue. If you would like to see how many scripts are in the queue, an up-to-date list is below:

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